5 Unmistakable Signs That You’re The Next Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was famous for some physics bullshit most of yall can’t even begin to comprehend (you need to watch more Rick & Morty) but did you know that he was also super rich and had lots of thots?

You could be super rich and the playa you always wanted to be by reading this article and finding out if any of these five signs resonate with you or something Xd XDDDD.

1.       He Loved Breathing Air

Famous for inhaling air and then subsequently exhaling it, Albert Einstein has always been known as a pundit in the art of air breathing.

”Air was breathen by me ever since my inception bro” -Albert Einstein

He stopped breathing air only when he died or when experiencing heart attacks or was it brain attacks?

I’m not really sure how he died.

2.     He Loved Cryptocurrencies

Hailed as the first ever scientist to adopt SegWit and integrate it into his p2p business b2b platform company, Albert Einstein had always pushed for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in our modern society.

”It’s not bcoin its bitcoin, faggot!” -Albert Einstein

He also said to donate all of your crypto money to this address


as he loved doing that.

Trust me.

3.      He Was An Introvert

If you’re a retard extrovert that gets all the bitches and is totally like an total asshole, you wouldn’t get it!

Albert Einstein was a nice guy in his early twenties that loved playing video games for hours on end, had no friends and masturbated to hentai until the early sun dawn.

One day, everything just fell into place as he stopped procrastrinating and wrote the theory of evolution, helping us all understand that e equals mc/


4.    He Hated Bad Things And Loved Good Things

He sees someone cut in line? Mutters that this guy is an asshole and posts on instagram about it.

His mother dieded? He cried and moaned on facebook about it, harnessing only a couple of likes.

An extrovert asserts his priviledge over him? He shot up his school like a real white boy.


5. He Was Always A Protagonist

Some russian kid came up one day and basically was like ‘bro your theory cool, but its a bit whack yo!’

And Albert Einstein was like ‘bitch i wrote the matrix, pff russian trash, holy shit we need region lock ASAP’

And the russian kid waned into obscurity even though he was totally right about everything he said and the fact that sir Einstein also suffered the same fate when he came up to the fags that were recognized as the authorities on science before him makes it even more LOL.

That kids name?

I forgot, the history books don’t mention him cos einstein told em not to, do your own research lol.



If you have at least 63 out of these 5, you’re most likely the next einstein, congrats.

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